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WordPress is one of the most renowned content management systems (CMS) available today. Over a quarter of the websites on the internet use WordPress for publishing purposes. WordPress has been around for 8 years now and during this time the software has evolved a great deal. Both large and small content managers prefer WordPress for their websites owing to the ease, speed, standard compliant and popular features available on the software.

Moreover, there are numerous plugins that extend the functionality of the software. WordPress is free to use, and the WordPress code is also available freely to the developers, who may use the code to enhance the features and functionality of WordPress in most creative ways. A programmer working on website development has to play with this software to discover what new and nice things it offers. Some flagship features that come with the software as a standard are as follows:

  1. Simplicity: WordPress has made the process of getting online and published a very quick and simple one.
  2. Flexibility: WordPress is flexible in many ways. You can use it for any website from a personal blog to a photo blog, business website to a government website, an online community or a network of website or even your application. The themes are a treat to use.
  3. Ease of Use: It is very easy with WordPress to create Posts, Pages, format them, insert media and publish the content.
  4. Publishing Tools: you can schedule your publication, create drafts, revise them and publish them with customised settings.
  5. Built In Comments: Friends or visitors can comment easily on the content due to this tool.
  6. SEO Control: WordPress is search engine optimised itself, however, there are many plugins to polish this feature further
  7. Multi-lingual: WordPress is multilingual software available in over 70 languages.
  8. Installation and Upgrades: The installation and upgrades procedure requires only a few clicks
  9. Importers: WordPress allows Importing content from Blogger, Tumblr and other various sites which make it easier for you to switch to WordPress anytime.
  10. User Management: Administrators, editors, authors, content writers are all a part of your website with different duties. With WordPress, you can manage the extent of accessibility for each user of the website.
  11. Media Management: it is very easy to WordPress to upload media, edit it with captions, titles, etc.
  12. Data Ownership: WordPress allows you complete ownership of your content, data and website and nobody may access it.
  13. Free: WordPress is free to use, install, update, distribute, modify and develop.
  14. Standard Compliance: WordPress built sites are in compliance with the standards of W3C.
  15. Themes: WordPress has two built-in themes, but there are thousands in the WordPress directory.
  16. Plugins: WordPress has hundreds to thousands of plugins in the plugins directory that extend the functionality and features of the software.
  17. Community: Since WordPress is such widely used software, it has a large online community which is very supportive to its users.
  18. Contribute: WordPress is open to contributions of any sort from its users.

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