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Word Press offers a wide range of functions for users. It is flexible enough and interesting to be a regular user of it. Word Press helps the writers to publish their work easily only in seconds. It’s not at all time taking software. It also provides the facility to upload pictures and videos to elaborate your concept of writing. Word Press owns a diverse range of multiple themes which made the blogs quite attractive and interesting. There are many feature categories of Word Press. Let us discuss some main feature in this article:

These are the following features of Word Press. One would fall in love with these.


Word Press has inbuilt comment system. Readers can leave their comments after reading. It’s an easy way to communicate with the writer.

Visual images:

One can upload images, photos, responsive images and videos as well. Writers upload multimedia files to explain their idea accurately.

Delete, edit, and rewrite:

If you write something and after a while, you think there is some error or mistake. You can always correct it by editing, or you may delete irrelevant details. Content can also be rewritten. So it’s another plus point provided by Word Press softer.

Links, URL:

Now Word Press has widened its range and provides multiple functions. You can attach a link to your writing from YouTube and also from twitter. This feature helps to improve your blog and leaves a good impression upon the reader.

Not just a BLOG:

Here is a shout out to the writers and readers community. Word press is a place to get you publishes easily within no time.  It is pretty much exciting and is more than a blog. Here you create your community and share your work with the whole world. It makes you more creative in many ways.


You are free to save your writings to work on later. Writing material can be kept for adding more information into it before getting it published. It’s a great opportunity; you can write and save your documents in it. It works as an online portfolio to keep your files secure and accumulate.


You can always re-read and preview your work before you press the “publish” button.


You can always set passwords to protect your posts. The password can be set for each post.

Restore Date:

Data can be restored at any time. There is nothing to worry about losing data and information. You can always retrieve information in case if your device stops operating all of a sudden.


One can set time for his posts to write in future or may be to recall the past post for completion of the text.

Convenient publishing:

Now publishing your work has become very easy for everyone. Word Press app is available on all Android devices i-e Blackberry, I-phone, Samsung and much more. In case if your device doesn’t support the app, you can always publish from your email id.

Error Free writing:

Word Press automatically corrects your spellings and grammar mistakes while writing. There is no need to worry about checking your writing again and again.

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